Can Someone Teach Me Pure PvP Build of Rogue

Hi I’m New Here. Can Someone Guide Me Regarding Rogue Build Any Type Whether Bow,Dagger,Chakram,Gun I Really Appreciate Your Help. Thank You.

I suggest reading the guide section. An Also it really depends on how u like playing. Myself I played my farming chars to PvP. Got to rare an epic league that way. But now since I got naroji acc an found a crystalline hammer oh an my eternallized helm. I’m just playing campaign. You can learn a lot by reading up on past questions. An boy I still got a lot to learn an a long ways to go

Thank Cronos :smile:

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Yep just browse to the forum subjects. You will learn alot. But before focusing in pvp, grind like hell first to obtain or able to craft powerful items. Like this game because it’s not pay to win.

I Already Tried That Build I Am Not Satisfied Coz It doesnt Rapid Attack the Normal Attack It Cooldown.

You dont need a rapid attack if your guidedshot does 25k

or 300k single guidedshot lol

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