Can you roll blue block affix from obsidian?

i have osteoporosis!
Huge thanks to @TeaCup @CuzegSpiked @Midlumer @SickMyDuck @Alhfan


On offhand only.

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But i think it is also obtainable on warrior crystal legends

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That is great!! Really happy for you :blush: keep going! Use a few diamonds to get even better stats :wink:

I have a obsi block in each part

please share your sicret, aswell i try to have 8 epi so that takes away 4 out of my 6 items and i dont think i can get epiphany from a crystal

How did you get block on a neckless ?

Lool for a gear that have block on it (epic color orange) and if the item have block affix, there’s a chance you can obtain a crystal block affix on that item (when loot only not by using Obsidian)

Only OH can be use Obsidian to have Block Crystal Affix (Blue Colored one)

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my bad dont have it only have a hammer, lance, helm and armor obsi block