Cannot past floor 350+ without dying!

Hello! I need help for build my warrior as you read from the title i can’t past floor 350+ without dying even my mage as a hireling don’t do much to the progress so i need suggestion to build both of my char, i’ve read everyone post about building the best farming affix but i just cant build the exact things as they suggest due to minimum crystal that i have. So i need the best and most efficient crystals using if possible.

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Dude farm in the easiest floors you can… Don’t copy the exact items being portrayed here in the forums bad idea, just make ur own build and if possible just incorporate some of the things u learned here.

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Don’t see ur item yet so cannot do much :smile:
The easy way in my Opinion maybe be use reflect : build on HP, HP on hit, Block %, Shieldwall and Reflect damage, use mythic Redirect and Mirrored, so u have decent damage with high survivality :yum:

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Thanks man i’ll try that…

I have a build that helped me climb up to 1k, idk dont feel like going higher but yeah. Kinda crystal expensive

Do you have a screenshot?

This noob build but still can climb to 402 M3,but avoid skyfall map affix always do packsize map,always keep range to enemies

Currently stop at 402 M3 due to 3rd ascendant

Why don’t change Plague to Adventure ? More MS = more mobility + huge damage increase = faster map clear :smile:
How much damage u give to enemies ?

Here noob build with 650% luck,650% gold find,108,2 Item drop,62,5 ultra rare,300% eternal item find,300% crystal legend item find,i use this set from floor 305,currently stop at 402 due to 3rd ascendant

Note : -always open packsize map
-avoid skyfall map its
-potion nerf its ok but if not more than 50% nerf
-if face thorn bosses run if very low hp,use potion to full it,then hit again,hit frequently if thorn not active
- always keep range to enemies

I need that plague coz i use bloodmagic set and ptl affix,low hp=die i ever try not use plague just 8k hp die too much coz need to spam twister frequently

I still use mythical coz i need to get elixer so far still drop 1 elixer,maybe sometime i will change mythical with adventurer,this not final build it just current build will be changed furthermore

U put Blood magic on ur hat ? For now I haven’t see it yet :wink:
I thought Blood Magic useful only if u have tons of HP and combo with Masochism ? Maybe Fury will be better for Rogue ?

Bloodmagic+defiant enough for pve,if bloodmagic+masochism i use for my pvp equipment,hmm fury i still never try,but i have settled with bloodmagic,coz my hero point 0 intelligence :slight_smile:

there, changed the skull, removed the discordance and changed to 75 crit dmg. idk, but it works for me.
4B crit, enough to one shot mobs on 800 m3

I also changed my pet’s hp on hit into mp bc i get one shotted anyway lol

and, the amulet, changed set affix to demonic.

You know you cant get that neckless under 500 flor right? That said are you a hacker?

You could craft via codex though…

See codex nadroji ring or amulet from strong enemy past floor 100,i just can laugh if see people judge without knowing
See this kid :slight_smile:

I get drop wizard nadroji easy changr to rogue by jasper im hacker?hahaha

Open ur eyes widely see my eternal nadroji amulet compare it with codex im i modified?im hacker?LoL :slight_smile:

Calm down, he/she seems to be new…