Cant download beta?

Google play just says “updating” after following the steps to play the beta.

I have rebooted and checked that WiFi updating is enabled… it does not look like it is really working.

Clear Google Play data and try updating again.
This problem comes from Google Play, not DQ :smile:

The cache or data? Do I need to remove dungeon quest and re install?


stopped auto updates and did it manually

this update

is amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

[quote=“drocksmash”]this update

is amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg[/quote]

Glad you like it!

off topic… I just played against a wizard that had an orb skill very much like frozen orb in diablo 2… what skill is that?? I have a 99 wizard and have yet to see such a skill!!!

That could be a orb+reactor set. In fact I think it was my toon.

Edit: every weird thing you see, take a screenshot, look around the codex, and, if can’t find anything, ask. It may be a bug, cheat, etc.

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i never play diablo yet… but since he said he got 99 wizard seem he are familiar to all wizard skill withis Orb+Reactor are out from the list. he might be talk about mythics skill… the one look like orb is CosmicOrb. but seem he said he never seen it yet before. it might be the pattern on how the skill actually work. so i guess its rockblast he was talking about.

furthermore. almost all wizard in pvp using rockblast. when u said u fought againt wizard. i think its probably aiges (Athena @ zzvilzz) or dark (Hung/Cheater)

Or maybe me. lol… btw what element of attack he use… if it shock definitely athena. if it poison probably me or the cheater

It was cosmic orb!

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[quote=“drocksmash”]It was cosmic orb!

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are u using it now.?