Can't download my DQ Cloud Data

I only made this so I could try to fix my Dungeon Quest (GAME) Account. For some reason when I try downloading my saved/backup data from the DQCloud it only said downloading slot 1 and doesn’t download past 1/4 of the progress bar then stops. I hit the (X) at the top of the downloading screen so i could try downloading again but now it won’t let me download my DQCloud save at all anymore (Shaded Out). How do I get my account fixed? I payed for 3 character slots and now I can’t use any of the 3 characters please help me. I haven’t played for many months if that helps at all.

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please contact support

that happens to me too… try this when it download hit x before that download slot1 occur then open again ur dq account then do the same process until u see a fast bar moving … when it fail … just close the app … force stop on ur app setting then do the process again

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Just clear data from app info and re login… Check your Internet connection . You need good connection for backup account.

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@roykiyoy That worked and I got my account fixed thanks for the help.

@SilentKiller That also worked I think because I did both of what you two said, my connection was never a problem though, thanks for the help.


glad to help … i always xperience that cuz i download my data like 6x a day testing dif build haha