Can't find any basic runestone or mythstone

Not sure if i’m asking a noob question, but…
So literally, i cannot find any calcite nor hero mythstone at early dungeon stages.Anyone know how I can find these crystal and mythstone?

I’ve reached up to lvl300 dungeon and literally 0 calcite and 0 hero mythstone ever since I played the game.

They don’t drop at high floors if u want them just farm low lvl floors or salvage some useless crystals

All crystals display as light blue
myth Stone purple
be sure to pick up every thing

Any one else with ideas @Skaul

@NORD is partially correct, but there seems to be a bug with it right now that even on floors 1-99 there’s no calcite/hero dropping. They’re supposed to stop dropping after floor 100.

Best bet is just to salvage the lowest thing you have. It’s not expensive for those.

@moxyll beat me to it. There will most likely be a patch in the near future to fix things like that.

Really? I just started new game with warrior and these low lvl crystals drop all the time

Sort of off topic, phone tab and system just curious? @aseki2013

This will definitely be fixed in the next patch!


Thank you all for the suggestion!
I tried Nord’s method, but i only found 1 heroes mythstone…in 2 hours.
I guess salvaging is the best option that I can relies on! over 2300 angelites has been converted! :smiley:

I’m currently playing Dungeon Quest on Samsung Galaxy S6. However, it’s quite delay when it comes to 150% size pack lol, but the lag is gone once u turn the “damage indicator” off :smiley: