Can't find enslavers

Hello everyone,

I was not able to find a similar topic on the forum.

I have a lot of issues findind Enslavers on the map, very often all of my maps don’t have any. As a result I find it very hard to get epic pets by the feat (only got two at the moment).
I’m currently farming M3 maps between level 100 - 150 (to get quick exp to ascend my rogue), I’m usually taking maps with at least 800% Experience, and the pack size affix at least 140%.

Last time I counted, I had 3 enslavers on 19 maps. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a best way to ensure that there are enslavers on the map ?

its really random, sometimes you can clear 10 maps without seeing 1 enslaver

A better goal is try finding legend pets which are pretty challenging already.

Enslavers will spawn

  1. Away from player spawn location.
  2. Found always around upper corner of the maps/dunegons
  3. Usually found near healing shrine pools (sometimes also found at upper corner of maps).

I suggest you speed run to enslavers and not focus on any monster except enslaver. It can be a big loss of items but you will speed up finding enslavers/pets. Epic maps are really good for finding epic+ pets because of the high map luck and your own luck. There are rare maps with high luck too and do any map as long as they can have high decent luck%. Monster spawn boost can really help as well as long as your fast and know the enslaver spawn locations.

Of course, do low floor like floor 200 and below. You can do it on mythic 3 or even lower difficulty as long as you still retain high luck % or just any floor that you’re comfortable with as long as the enslaver can be ohkoed ( one hit killed).

you can use boost to spawn enslavers in every map

You can get monster spawn boost by watching advert for boost;gaining the boost from collecting 3750 (5000 orbs); or if you want to, you can purchase it if you want to use monster spawn boost to guarantee an enslaver spawn. Monster spawn in general is really nice for that packsize too if that’s also what you want with it.

I farm on Floor 200 - M3. Most of the time it has Enslavers on it, located upper left or right.

Floor 2 speed run enslaver kills ftw. How did I not think of this ages ago.

Lmao xD