Cant get to eternal league

I got 1k points in 1v1 and 1.9k points in 2v2 i even 100% the gauge but i cant seem to get to eternal league

Team name:WinterBlade

Please help

You need to get to the top 300 of mythic league that you’re in first before you can get to eternal league so even if you have 1k points, that doesn’t get you yo eternal league. I have 6k points already and still not there too.

Its top 100 bro’s lol. You will get there, once u do ill and others will be waiting gg have fun.

I suggest you do winstreak to increase ur mmr. around 30-50 win streak will be enough to go eternal league since alot of people in eternal are not constantly doing arena.

I myself have been stuck in mythic for a week or more. on average 10 win streaks so it’s very slow.

Oh my bad thank you i tjought it was just a play play play it you wanti see its top 100

Haha. Yeah its top 100 i forgot. Thanks for correction :wink:

Thats nice to know. Its no wonder why I couldn’t get eternal league. I now know ghat I need to be first before a top 100. Well thats gonna take a while.

@cuzegspiked I saw ur name above me and Imma whoop ur ass soon :slight_smile:

Good Luck with that! I’M catching up to no1 very soon with genesis aftermath build which has high hp. I havent got a proper build but its working at giving me high streaks such as 13 win streak. Sanctuary is the key to winning.

Cant wait to have you guys in our happy little circle. Goodluck. :smile:


Everytime I win against u ima post the screenshot here and u will refer to me as daddy!

i wish to put Aphrodite to defense and see if u can win 3-0 against that, but hell i have alot thing to test on athena build. lol

Maybe time to use new build since new players are eager to catch the spot of top 20 up haha. Welcome to our circle soon.

What is your mmr guys for those who arent eternal yet? Just for rrference

Oooh, the heads of the circle are gathering in this thread. *calls @Emman *


lol its u. im not in circle T,T

Stop being modest, you can easily beat out all of us. Lol, and besides, if you bring out Aphrodite again, I’ll be extinct. (Don’t bring her out. qwq.) Lol.


btw have u go againt swens rogue.? he change his lohko to something similar to my athena. haha

I haven’t noticed, I haven’t pvp’ed too much tonight, maybe a bit later. Although I fought yours, I’m losing some rounds this time, unlike last time, did you change the settings or something?