Cant purchase

I do not know if this will help but I have seen people with a similar problem say loading to 60 fixes the problem if that helps at all :smile: (can’t guarantee it will since I live in canada)

so i need to load more than 50 pesos?

As far as I have heard they said it was something to do with extra charges? again no guarantee but that’s what I’ve heard from similar people with the same problem :smile:

aw hahahahha but the issue was fixed?

i accidentally deleted my char shit this!

Oh noooo email support here they will help you get everything back! :smile:

nah its ookay im just testing which char will be the best and i choose the wizzard type hahaha its kinda beast for me

Aaaah nice! wizard is definitely beast }:3 I love that character so much! :smile: (yknow if you couldn’t tell by my profile picture :stuck_out_tongue: )

i will load plus 50 now to make it 100 then i will purchase it

Awesome!!! :smile:

lol hahahhaha i can afford that all becoz im working and plus sideline but nah im just observing if this game will upgrade then i will spend some money aw yes btw i am newbie here hahahah i just currently downloaded the game hahahahha its newbie wait me to get 99 for now i am level 1 becoz of that accident

and when i view the purchase history its says it was cancelled due to adviewer chuchu i forgot

Aaaah cool if you’re new want me to link you to some useful guides and pages? :smile:

sure i badly need help im just waiting for the load to purchased that thing

Awesome I shall then! guide and useful page spam incoming }:3

Don’t feel like you need to read them all now but whenever you have a question they probably have an answer in them :smile:

53 pesos yan tol may vat na extra 12% sa original amount…

cant also purchased char slot im in PH also globe user… have more than 100load

Use network billing as your payment method, since your globe it should say “Bill my Globe Telecom account”, then it will ask for your google account. Log in and your done.

Read info below also. :+1:

I try to but the google says the msg cant sent this time try again later. I tried many times but always try again later