Can't receive free stones/xtals

As the topic says with supporting screenshot. I can’t receive my free stone/xtals coz it says my warrior is full which is not true coz I even cleaned my inventory for space please help thank you.

this time not like last time free Cs&Ms that detect your CS&MS in your bag and stack if u have it in your bag. thiz time it will not detect that and force u to complete empty 2 PAGE of your bag for it to insert. well not that happy with new format, but the atleast it prevent Some of your CS&MS gone due to bag full.

Hey! Please make sure, that you have at least 40 empty inventory spaces.

When I received the cs/ms It just gave me the cs/ms I was missing lol.

Next time, could you guys break this reward up into 2 messages, because I have the same problem and I dont have 40 open slots (I have around 25 open, so I goto get rid of some stuff before I can even get the reward). Alternatively, just give 2 of the top 10 mythstones and top 10 crystals, the bottom 10 are so common noone really needs them.