Can't Remove Crystal Affix?

Hey all, I’ve been trying to use kyanite on my crystal item to remove a crystal affix and it’s not working? Does that mean I can only use disenchant to remove it? :open_mouth:

Unfortunately yes :confused:

Disanchant it :unamused:

use quartz and hope that the only affix removed is the crystal affix :I

I did this and it erased every thing… oh well I’ll make it better next time

^LOL That’s pretty evil :laughing: I think I’ll pass

I just found something out… if u want to remove a crystal affix it has to be at or very near the bottom remove some other affix then use angelite when it fails it can remove the crystal affix… I removed one earlier today using this method

edit: you could just remove everything up to the crystal affix… then use angelite

A far better suggestion than using Disenchant. cough

Angelite can’t be used on an item with 6 affixes already

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