Cant roll IAS on epiphany helm

Seemingly no amount of topaz can remedy this…is it just world class bad luck or intended?

just bad luck. Trust me I know how it feels. You should use Saphires as they are cheaper…

Yeah I tried both for a bit/have more gems than I’ll ever need minus the last row ofc so don’t mind wasting the topaz TBH, thanks for the prompt reply!

I don’t know if it’s true but there are some affixes that prevent others to roll. What I found is:
On cerebral vortex off hand you can’t roll resource cost reduction because of set bonus affix. Epiphany helm you can’t roll attack speed because set bonus affix. You can’t roll luck if you have pickup radius already. That’s all I remember and no matter how long I tried the affixes won’t roll. 10 times easier to roll then on different items. I don’t think it’s just a bad luck.


I got 225% luck on an item with pickup radius but it took 10 obsidian so i was just very unlucky. It was on a nadrojis robe as well.