Can't update my DQ :(

Please have good news :smile:

Presumably you have met at this point? Any news?

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Just bumping this up again to see if there has been any progress with Amazon.

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Its been 12 days since the meeting… how are things? Is the Fire TV still supported?

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Please tell me Amazon is going to get behind this great game and get it done.

This comment was made 6 days ago.

At this point only only option seems to be to remove Game Circle (it is the amazon equivalent to apples Game Center or Google Play Games “Services”).

When we do that we face another issue and that is Amazon may flat out reject the update because it does not contain Game Circle.

At this point our plan is to resubmit the amazon version of Dungeon Quest without Game Circle support when we submit next weeks patch (which will address a few issues from our last content update).

Very sorry for the lack of visibility on this issue and in general. We have been pulled in several directions over the past two months and it has been tough for both Steiger and myself to stay on top of all of our DQ responsibilities while getting “things” ready for GDC and beyond. We should be much more visible now that things are calming down to the usual frantic pace instead of Super Hyper Turbo frantic pace :wink:

Thank you for the update. Will you let us know if/when Amazon does not accept the update? I will need to figure out a workaround if Amazon says no. You and Steiger have done a fantastic job developing this game and making it so fun to play.

We should be able to release the patch but we will not qualify for any feature spots on their marketplace.

We will have to deal with that for now (to minimize the impact on our players) and figure out the feature stuff at a later time. masters…
I download a lot of time but I couldn’t get v2.1 pn DQ…
My phone is oppo v4.4.2 Android.
Tnx for the reply

Are you sure that you don’t have 2.1? Check the shop - are potions available? If there are no potions, then you do have 2.1. There is a display bug in-game where it says 2.0 even though it is 2.1.

i know the bug 2.0 is for apple user.

i’m using iphone and 2.0 version.

Next week has come and gone. Did this ever occur?

Amazon cannot resolve the issue. So we are releasing a version of DQ on amazon that removes all of the Game Circle support. This will go live the same time our current patch does. We are testing the current patch now with our testers.

Is there a thread with a list of up coming changes?

When playing the game on the amazon platform, will there be a noticeable effect of lack of Game Circle support, such as will it prevent players from making in game purchases like boosts? Will I still be able to use Amazon Coins?

Yes you will still be able to use amazon coins. Also, we got this issue fixed and the next amazon build will release at the same time as android and ios (hopefully submitting this week after the patch finishes its testing runs)

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What was the issue/resolution? You mentioned hopefully fixing the issue in “next weeks patch” 28 days ago so I’m really crossing my fingers that this week ends up being this week haha

Amazon was able to help us get this working with our software and their latest Amazon SDK.

I could release an update for the Amazon devices now, but since we are so close to getting the latest patch done for all three platforms I wanted to submit them all at once.

Makes sense. What’s another week on a two month wait, after all?

edit: This was not meant to be sarcastic.