Can't update my DQ :(

Any luck with amazon update?

Unfortunately no. Normally we would make some adjustments on the code side from our end to work around this issue. The problem is we cannot get any of amazons tools (Game Circle, purchase restore, leaderboards) to work. They are typically very fast when it comes to answering questions as well, but this week the have been uncharacteristicly slow.

Sorry for the delay!

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If we play on a 2.1 device, upload, then try to download to a 2.0 device… What will happen?

you will (in most cases) lose items and if you “ascend” you will most likely bork your character. We are working as quickly as we can to get the amazon version out…right now it is out of our hands until we get some tech support from their end. UPDATE heard back from Amz this morning so hopefully we are close to a resolution.

About time! Hope they are able to be helpful!

Thank you!
:heart_eyes: the new update.

Any update from Amazon? I am still not able to update on my kindle. Thanks!

Hi Slnyc,

No actually. We got bumped up to third tier support and right now are waiting them to get back to us on what we can do to address this issue.

Will update here if I get anything back from them.

Sorry for the delay.

Thanks for the update! Hopefully they are able to help resolve this soon.

On the bright side, Disgaea came out for PC?

What is Disgaea?


A turn based tactical jrpg with the potential for near unlimited grinding. I find it far from boring, but don’t want to go into more detail on the forums for another game.

Thanks for the info. But since it’s not on the firetv or android… It’s not competition.

Any status on the 2.1 release for Amazon users?


Any suggestions about what to do to prepare my toons for the much anticipated Fire TV update while I’m waiting? Any date yet for the release?

Farming gear.

Hello :slight_smile: just checking on the status.


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Just bumping this up, hopefully everything will be resolved soon.

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what does it mean to “bork” your character?