Can't update or download from play store

Not to off topic but wasn’t really sure where else to post. My android device will not download or update anything from play store, so I can only play this game on the iPad at the moment. It just says downloading, don’t even I get a percentage counter or anything. After countless hours googling and troubleshooting, I still cannot fix the issue. Tried everything from force stoping play store/framework to deleting Google account to resetting router to doing ip release/renews on home of (in case of ip conflict). Anyone have any idea what may be occurring? I do not receive any error messages aporia anything, I am simply flabergastered. Any help, advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.

Looks like you’re having a syncing issue. Check out this post.

Play store itself is where the issue is. Has nothing to do with the game. I can’t download or update ANY app.

Ah I see, I was misreading. Try clearing data/cache of Google Play and Google Services.

Have tried that. Pretty much only thing I haven’t tried is factory reset. I’ve even wiped cache partition, dalvik-cache, and fixed permissions. If I could figure out what is occuring, I could most likely solve the issue. But as I stated I am completely baffled. It says downloading, however no progress bar shows up. I literally googled for hours and tried every last thing suggested (except factory reset). I guess I’ll have to do an android backup and then factory reset and see if that works. If not, well I’ll be so lost, a map, a gps, and a hound dog wouldn’t get me outa the woods.

Maybe look at ur date and time if right. That could alse be the prob