Cap amounts

Is there a page that lists all the current affix caps?

you can check it by tapping your characters portrait
-> stats
-> 4th symbol (a sheet of paper named “all stats”

Awesome, thanks.


Current affix caps without using epiphany set affix. I know it’s already on the stats page but I will just point out some.

Gold find: 650%
Luck: 650%
Elemental critical: 40%
Dodge: 60%
Block: 60%
Crit chance: 60%
Crit dmg: 350%
Mp regen: 30k
Hp regen: 30k
Deadly Strike: 60%
Attack speed: 60%
Mp absorb: 40%
Multi attack: 4
Extra attack: 4
All sets: 4
Move speed: 100% (50% on gear and the other 50% is gained by set affixes, talents and hero points).

Item drops: 200%

AoE (Area of Effect) range: 20
Clearcast: 60%
Clotting: 50%
Cooldown percent (using time mythstone or epic affix): 60%
Crushing Blow: 60%
Defense : 60%
Weaken: 60%
Exp boost (from quest/legend affix): 200%
Explosive: 2000%
Glasscannon/Barbarian/Push the limit: 100%
Hp/mp on cc: 500
Hp/mp on hit:2000
Hp/mp on hit % wise: 5%
Overpower: 60%
Piercibg attacks: 60%
Purge: 30%
Recovery: 30%
Resource cost: 60%
Talent tree 1/2/3 each have: 12 as cap.
Total hp in % obtained from hero mythstone/ epic affix/set affixes: 200%
Total mp % from mentor mythstone/epic affix/set affixes: 200%
Withstanding: 60%
All skills rank from legend affix of nadrojis jewelry/mythstone: 12
All procs: 20%
All talents rank legend affix from nadrojis jewelry/mythstone: 12

AR piercing: 60%

I haven’t seen a cap for determination though but if I missed it or if theres none, let me know :slight_smile: . I think I got everything though :). Yes the caps are found on stat page but I just wanted to show them for the sake of it. Sometimes, you can’t see the caps of some affixes in a build like I can’t see the cap for mp regen sometimes, albeit, knowing that the cap is indeed 30k.

With epiphany (5), the caps have rasied by 25% so just do the math and you find the new caps, very easily :).

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@CuzegSpiked for glasscannon/barbarian/push the limit at 100%. Does that mean you can only have 50% glasscanon and 50% push the limit? Or it is 100% glasscanon and 100% push the limit work? Thanks

100 percent each

The cap of all of these is 100%. They are all seperate mumtipliers but really powerful.

Heres an example of how good it is. A scenario I could have is 50% barbarian, 50% push the limit, 50 glasscannon. Heres how it calculates I think if you were to use all 3.

10M dmg for eg Ă— 1.5 = 15M. Glasscannon.
15M Ă— 1.5 = 22.5M (push the limit next for eg).
22.5M Ă— 1.5 = 33.75M dmg (barbarian next).

100% lush the limit, 100% Glasscannon and 100% barbarian (the theortically impossible combo)

10M Ă— 2 = 20M
20M Ă— 2 = 40M
40M Ă— 2 = 80M dmg

Total dmg better multiplied by one of each than having just 2 glasscannon.

If you had only 100% Glasscannon for eg. Better to have 50% Glasscannon and 50% barbarian for eg.
10M Ă— 2 = 20M dmg.

50% barbarian and 50% Glasscannon or 50% push theimit and glasscannon or other possibilities.

10M x 1.5 = 15M
15M Ă— 1.5 = 22.5M dmg

This is just a general guide as to why it’s better to have 1 different multipler than using the same one alot. Now just inagine the dmg in Billions or so. This is just a example and it can escalate much more than my examples depending on which build you make. Momentum and other dmg multipliers can make this escalate even more higher.

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Ridiculous, but how could this be possible if “barbarian” increases total damage with the cost of total resource cost? as much as the description push the limit adds 50% resource cost and damage. so overall push the limit adds all resources, if you’ll fill in 100% of them + 100% glascannon + barabarian it would consume all your resources means you cannot cast any spell either. I am right or what?


Oh I found out that barbarian on energy is like push the limit fron my experience. That’s why I remove it. My total dmg is halved but I survive better because no energy to run out so more dmg over time. I know 50% barbarian isn’t the same as push the limit but when I use it, the cost to use skills with energy doesn’t scale down with the new halved energy. Means, it limits my build possibilities with barbarian and energy together. More dmg though and goes great with skills that don’t use a hefty amount of energy alot. In my experience, aftermath with energy+ barbarian is not easy to use, even with mp on hit. Without barbarian, it’s fine for me. That is just one tyoe of build affected by this though. I don’t mind the costs like this because it means it’s not for free dmg.

Also, yes, it is impossible to use a build with 100% GlassCannon, 100% barbarian and 100% push the limit. 100% GlassCannon isn’t a problem if you dodge everything and rely on mana. However 100% of the other 2 means you cannot cast anything. 100% push the limit doesn’t mean no casting but 100% barbarian does. Having 100% barbarian and push the limit increase dmg alot but you can’t cast at all. Impossible combo it is.

The solution is to go bad affix roll on barbarian so you have like 90% barbarian and you can cast spells then.

And with push the limit at 100% . I can see this being used for fury mythic. With the build I will release to the forums soon, I removed barbarian because I kept dying alot with 50% barbarian, energy and constantly aftermath casting. My dmg is effectively halved but I still finish off 1000+ floor quite easily. If I do release the fire shock build to forums, it will show leaks to test patch. Even though I find it quite easy, it does take some time to finish these floors. I didn’t get the huge insane dmg I wanted but I know that I can get it to full potential at some point with hirling and stuff like that.

100% glasscannon 100% barbarian and 100 % push the limit should work with fury when u dont use special skills

I use 100% push the limit it just doubles the resource cost with bloodmagic and defiant it works really well.