Cap of all stats And multiplayer?

Hey guys can you guys tell me what the cap of all stats are?
And Will there be multiplayer?

Kinda new plager sorry for bad english

They are considering multiplayer and trying it from what ive gathered, could take a while tho

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Currently, there aren’t any announcement about multiplayer mode yet. Patch 1.5 was released a few days ago, the developer will spend some time on fixing bugs. After that, they’ll start developing patch 1.6.

There’re some caps that I know:
Frostbite: 200%
Luck/Gold find: 650%
Crit damage: 375%
Crit chance: 75%

Actually, there are many announcement about the mutiplayer mode : It won’t happens :laughing:
Steiger said it several times on forum, people won’t be able to play at the same time together BUT you’ll be able to use your friends characters as hired characters (such spoil i’m mean)

[quote]There’re some caps that I know:
Frostbite: 200%
Luck/Gold find: 650%
Crit damage: 375%
Crit chance: 75%[/quote]

Cap may be changed in future updates because of the future releases, won’t spoil here, but nothing is fixed yet, everything can move :wink:

PS : Thought crit dmg was capped to 325% but not 375%, didn’t know! :question:

Actually just answered a question like this on reddit:

So now that Rogue is out, we have the following goals:
[ul][li]Provide content faster[/li]
[li]Add content that gives players a lot of progression, both for their hero and items.[/li]
[li]Add systems that encourage interaction between players[/li]
[li]Add new game modes that provide new ways of progressing your character[/li][/ul]

It’s hard to say if we’ll ever do Full Online Co-op/Pvp because of the large time investment. I’d say it would take 6 months development + 2-3 more for testing to completely rewrite the game to support online play, and being a small company, that’d be the only thing we could work on for that time period.

There are some quicker systems that we could develop that would add social features, like Trading, Hiring Friend’s character’s to play with, Fighting AI Controlled characters of other players in PvP, and Events where the community can work towards a goal together.

It’s our hope that these features would accomplish a similar goal in making the game feel less lonely, and would give a reason to have friends playing the game.

@Diieter: Steiger change a bit about crit dmg in patch 1.5 :wink:.

So these datas are outdated?

Increased mana cost of most weapons by 33%
Damage reduced by 32%
Speed increased by 50%
Damage increased by 25%
Damage increased by 20%
Fixed bug related to how many targets hit, should now properly hit all nearby targets once every .2 seconds
Damage increased by 100%
Cooldown reduced by 1 sec
Damage increased by 100%
Damage reduced by 63%
Cooldown set to 1 second
Should now hit all nearby targets once every .1 seconds ( was .25 )
Damage increased by 33%
Damage increased by 23%
Damage increased by 400%
Damage increased by 400%[/quote]


Frostbite now has a cap of 200
Luck/Gold find capped at 650
Crit Damage cap increased to 350[/quote]

Was on trip for a while, didn’t know a new balance was made between 1.4.5 and 1.5, would you mind giving me the new values? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Crit Damage was set to 375, will update my patch notes!

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Im especially pumped for a marketplace/auction house. But dont do it like in Diablo III where it ruined progression.

this. is. AWESOME!

[quote=“shutnic”]Im especially pumped for a marketplace/auction house. But dont do it like in Diablo III where it ruined progression.

this. is. AWESOME![/quote]

In response to anyone wanting a market or auction house:

We’re a bit on the fence about adding a Market ( or Auction House system ) since seeing how it affects other games of the same genre. It can severely shorten the time it takes to progress your character by making upgrades way too convenient, and it doesn’t encourage interaction between players as much as a pure Trading system would.

That said, we’re thinking of making it possible to post your “Trade Box” to our forum or section of our website where other players can interact with you ( make deals, chat with you about your items, etc ). It’s still up in the air, but that’s the direction we’re leaning, currently.

This is really true. Auction Houses ruin most games imo. Since this game is made for item farming, this shouldn’t be partially taken away with a auction house. You could build a endgame character lets say, in no time. Makes it boring that way. Patience for the win! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

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