Caps on PTL and Mythology?

So, what are they?

  • PTL is supposed to be 40% I read somewhere, but it’s bugged at the moment?
  • Is Mythology also 40%, or maybe no cap?

Thanks you :kissing_heart:

Edit: 19 views and no response? That’s some dense knowledge in this forum :smile:

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I think PTL was meant to be 40% cap like Glasscannon and Barbarian but idk if it’s still bugged to go over 40% or if it’s 40% and no higher.

Mythology I thought had no cap but I’m not sure. It probably does given how strong it is. Maybe 40% in PvP and 100% in campaign. The max you could get if mythology had no cap in campaign is 200% if both fabled gear are eternal or 80% in PvP. If the cap is 100% , then 40% in PvP. I mean equipping 2 fabled legend is 100% in campaign or 40% in PvE.