Caracter Save slot Not active

Character Save Slot 2 (Dungeon Quest)
Purchasing this will allow you to have additional character save slots.

Plz I am BR
por favor comprei com vocês o slot para outro heroi e ate agora ele não foi ativado poderia me ajudar com essa questão?

please bought with you slot to another hero and so far he has not been activated could help me with this issue?

Email the dev team here for a quicker response

I have also tried to buy a third save slot, purchased it from amazon and it is not active. Already emailed them but no response as of yet. Funny thing is oz that when I try to purchase other slots it tells my I already own them, but I haven’t even bought them yet

Sorry! My responses on email are going to be very slow today. I am off site at a meeting with no access to the tools I need to fix these issues. I will get you addressed when I get back in this afternoon, sorry for the delay

Tdaniel, for some reason my email didn’t send, can you help me from here?

Try resend it :smile:

I did, getting help now