Carto bug took 15 mins to kill

Carto bug took about 15 mins to kill was a treasure map floor 360+ m2/m3 reason I’m mad about this is that fact that I buy the 4.99 boosts all the time and waste it when I get one of Carto, please fix this or toss me the boosts back

Please contact the support about the booster. I am sure they will help you:

It’s the untargetable cartographer bug. If you meet a cartographer without a healing bar just buy another map.

Why not just fix the bug? Also @AntiKhrist I’m not asking for free stuff if you happen to be able to see how much I’ve spent on the game you might understand, so don’t think I’m trying to get a free hand out. To each their own

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I feel ya I spent Money on hirlings before they switched over to pay in gold. An lost what I spent. So I do understand brotha. Its just a risk that u take when playing games like this. That is why I don’t buy boost.

We are currently working on it.
The bug is very difficult to fix, because it happens too randomly.

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