Cartographer bug fix here and legend pet question

First off if u or ur minions are having trouble with targeting cartographer u can do one of two things. Pause game buy a new map ull just have to do floor over again. Or if ur wizard use meteor warrior smash and rogue im not sure. Ull be able to hit him and so will ur procs.

Now just a question. Its says leg pets drop after floor 20. But where is the best place to farm them I’m almost to floor 300. Thanks in advance!

It’s just a random drop, there’s not an optimal place to farm for them.

Oh OK thanks I was thinking their maybe way a floor level or certain difficultly requirement

still waiting for support to reply, legendry carto froze and been 2days and im afraid to play the game in case i might messup (sync issues mybe?) if they do plan to replace my unrewarded map :frowning:

Oh, this is a bug? AoE damage works, so I figured this was intended (for some mobs).