Cartographer Bug

I just wanna ask if this is a bug or not? When i started at floor 200, the Cartographers have this weird state where they are like ghosta and I can’t hit them, takes like 10 minutes to kill one. But sometimes it doesn’t, there are like 50% chance of the Cartographer to be like that ghost thing. I can’t advance because I can’t hit him I can’t leech hp.

already reported several times on the old forums…

No bugfix yet so far…

Hey! Would you mind if you sending me screenshot of your whole equipment per PM please?
So, I could try to reproduce it with the same condition.

I am still looking for a reliable reproduction of this bug for the devs.

I also do believe it is in the equipments? Maybe in the skill procs I guess? I can’t send a screenshot right now I’m afraid.

Experiencing the same issue at lower maps.

Yeah, this has been a problem for quite a long time already. Steiger and others have posted about this several times before. Basically, they can’t fix this because its damn near impossible to reproduce. There are also two kinds of this bug. One is semi-invulnerable cartographer, where it becomes immune to most of your skills. This kind is the one that happens most of the time. The other is 100% invulnerable to anything (as far I can tell) and this rarely happens. These two kinds of bugs can also happen on normal monsters too. But much, much rarely.

I dunno about other classes, but I’m playing mage (since release) and I noticed that the only thing that can damage these “invulnerables” are targeted skills like Comet and Meteor. I’m not sure about Wand skills though. Other “direction-targeting-skills” won’t work. I just spam my low cost Blast skill and hope for Meteor procs from Cataclysm ring.

Also, I think it triggers mostly off me casting Twister and then the cartographer immediately teleporting. I dunno. I guess the semi-invulnerability happens to me often this way.

I suggest to players who encounter this to just buy a new map and restart the level instead of trying to kill the cartographer. The time lost and the risk of losing more gold is a far heavier burden to carry than just restarting. Except maybe with legend/eternal maps or epic maps with very high item drop%/luck/gold find mods.

I hope this gets fixed in the foreseeable future though. I’ve experienced this countless times before when I was a weakling farming for gears, so I can see this to be very frustrating to this kind of players.

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I am experiencing the one that you can’t target the cartographer. Hireling doesn’t attack it. The Cartogapher doesn’t teleport or cast bewilderment/etc just stays in place and attack via range. And his defense seem to be higher when in this state.

I didn’t experience this before I had taunt but I think it’s link to cartogaphers that are force to move skills.
The only thing I change on my build was I had Taunt proc and Taunt special since then I see that state more.

The issue comes when i use the “Cataclysm” Ring ( with the Meteor/orb/storm/twister/eathershatter proc )

This an extremely difficult but for us to fix. It has been around for a while. Right now the best thing to do if this happens is to open the shop and purchase a map from the vendor using gold. This will at least get you a map at the same floor you fought this carto at.

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well this is just theory tho

lately i try push harder on hiking withis cause me to dead sometime when being hitted by skyfall shower before carto appear in my screen.

Well when i revive, the mission to kill carto appear again. i think the mission reset something that i dont know what it is on current carto on that map and make it untargetable. i THINK the mission make it as another carto appear and needed to kill the non exist carto than the current 1… but then sometime it happen to normal monster being untargetable. So Probably my theory are wrong. but i think it worth to test. goodluck.

I encounter non-targetable Cartographers pretty often in levels over 150 (my max level is 280). I have not done any book keeping but my guess is that at perhaps every 10th carto becomes untargetable. It is a bit annoying.

This this again…we may have fixed or at least eliminated a GREAT deal of these occurrences. If you have google grab the patch that came out last night and give it a try. Apple has been submitted and will be released asap. Amazon should be live in the next few days