Cartographer bug

Sometimes I can’t see the cartographer on top of the screen. So I can’t see his affixes. Also it’s seems like won’t get hurt of my twister spell, same for the twister spell of the warrior.

Anyone else got this problem?

Also minions won’t attack him in this case


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Got the same problem, sometimes it won’t lock into the cartographer.

I get this bug randomly. It won’t let me attack him or anything. It has happened on rare maps that lack a portal to move on. Then I gotta start the map over because I killed everything and no gold to buy a map. I’ve learned to deal with it though lol

I have encountered an unkillable Cartographer twice now. First time he was unkillable from the start. Second time he became unkillable when his HP ran out. I can still shoot him w Barrage and do damage, but doesn’t seem to do any good.

This is a known issue that we’re still looking into. It’s a tough fix because the rate of reproduction is very low, with no reliable steps to make happen. We’ll keep searching though.

It happens to me quite often. I dont think it is due to health recovery. If i can get him that low. I should be able to kill him.