Cartographer no dmg?

Why can’t I see sometimes the cartographer at the end of the map doesn’t show his name or stats and I do no damage besides the basic attack skills pierce, I’ve tried several different elements and skills to see if it were immune or resistant and no change

Are you on version 2.0 of dungeon quest? This bug was fairly common on that patch but is no longer present as far as we know as of 2.1

I’m on the kindle fire HDX but I it shows there aren’t anymore patches or updates I can do but it shows 2.01

but now he takes revenge and becomes a zombie along with the other mobs :grin:

I’m very confused about this comment lol

Ok yeah this ur still on a version of the game where this bug is still present ideally soon there will be a patch for Amazon devices but Amazon can’t seem too get their crap together so the patch can happen for you guys yet

It’s odd because I tried downloading it on my Google device and it’s 2.0 there lol? Fml

Nah on the Google device it’s a display error if you van ascend through the shop it’s 2.1

Get as many eternal Legends on 2.0.without the bonus crap

bonus crap?