Casual Play?

I am not seeing this as the casual play type of game, for one have you guys read these forums and considered the depth of in game knowledge, advanced math, and an appitude for data analysis.

my suggestion is make lvl 1-99 more impactive, i don’t grind because its fun but because the means justify the end but if the end=more convoluted grinding then whoas pony, slow thar roll.

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sorry for the typos, i am more accustomed to a rotory dial phone. :smile:

sidenote: i am an old school gamer, started gaming on a com 64, then a tsr 80, started mudding in the late 90’s, then scripting, programming, beta testing blah blah blah.

not bragging just thwarting anyone that wants to come@me sideways

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To each their own though, I mean most dungeon crawlers nowadays are end-game/late-eng-game oriented and it’s very hard to avoid that. But I’ve played all three characters, twice (2 warriors, 2 mages, 2 rogues) and got them all to lvl 99 and as far as casual play goes, the game’s 1-200th floor is pretty easy to roll through with just random gear dropped by mobs. Gold is abundant if you know how to conserve it. The only hardcore/grindful part of the game is if you’re looking to enchant gears to the utmost limit which requires a lot of tier 19/20 CS/MS. But for the most part a casual player can play through the game’s unchallenged maps with some good ease. There’s always Enemy Power if they want to vamp up the difficulty a bit. The developers have already done a lot to streamline gameplay to fit the majority of the player’s tastes, from casual to hardcore to players that just like to grind or collect legendaries, climb the ladders to rankings, climb the challenge maps. There’s a fair bit of content for almost every type of player and they’re very insightful and responsive to the community. I’m sure they’ll also consider your words as well but I’m liking where the game’s been and where it’s heading. I mean they barely released 1.6.0 a few weeks ago but already have plans up to 1.7/1.8/1.9 already. They’re really hard at work to present us with more content and enjoyment and everybody in the forum recognizes their efforts.

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That’s a Hack N Slash, that’s how Hack n slash work : lvl 1-99 : tutorial, and the real game start once you’re seeking for more power (aka : farming and getting better gear)

That’s not supposed to be a casual game but more a hardcore game, but you’re NOT forced to be a harcore gamer, you can still climb floor 1-200 without theorycrafting and just using random trash items found through the floors :smile:

2 gamestyles, 2 PoV, 2 ways of playing, each his own :smile:

Also, the features added are also for casual gamers, crystals, mythstones, rogue, heroic skills, everything fit for casual players, I don’t understand how they could even complain ! :smile:

Ah, yes. Casual gaming. As the others said, the beginning of the game (1-200) is made for those who wish to just go through it with random junk items. It CAN be casual play, it’s just designed so that if you DON’T want to play casually, you don’t have to.

Right with you with your timeframe. Started with pong, Oregon trail on the apple2e, Atari1800 and so forth. Been gaming since D&D was called “Chainmail”.

DQ is as casual as you wish to make it. Very much like Diablo2. One can simply play the game, or one can grind for the epic items and god-like power and difficulty, or anywhere in-between.

You only have to deciede how you want to play:cool::sunglasses:

meh…whats the story anyway? they could put a little more into what the game is about i guess…

Right now, there isn’t really a story. On the other hand, it is still being updated quite frequently, so we may see that at some time in the future.

Just a simple thought from my own experience… I started playing DQ last year month of May… Last year’s version was very simple, my game play routine is play, farm, collect all the Legendary items list before and after collecting them all I tried experimenting on what set (I read and understood every details that inludes talents of items/gears, skills and each affixes) that I think my character will become stronger so that I can climb the Leaderboards (top 20 can only be seen in Leaderboards… Rankings were just Experience, Legends Found and Highest DPS)… Then they released the 1.4 version around May this year they included Hero Points, Highest Floor and Highest EHP and Game Circle in Leader boards that’s were my eager to climb the Leader boards again from top 70…The more good developments in game the more I long to play to the point I decided to bought 2 slot and a vanity set just a little token of appreciation to the game (free to play and download from Google Play Store)… Up to now I become more addicted to the game because of the continuous good-better-best devlopments in game… DQ ROCKS…