Cataclysm Confusion

Hey guys,

yesterday i droped my first Cataclysm on Floor 100. I’am a realy new Player (Startet for 1 week), Know i’am realy confused of that. Read a lot in the forum and found the info that this ring is only dopping floor 300+? Is this a bug?
Another question: Is this Cataclysm a good drop? (My Warrior is lev 70 atm)

Greetz Hunted

This is a known bug. Catalysm is quite good ror the procs it has.

it’s a good drop, congratz :grinning:
my warrior hireling use the eternal version of this ring, combined with set Maelstrom and Identity.

its good bro, my wiz using it alot at pvp/pve.

Okay thanks for the infos.

At the moment i’am playing a wirbelwind/ sprint warrior. Looking for some guides / items which are good for this build. Have some one a good guide/ build for the correct patch and would link it for me.

Thanks and Greetz