CB + bleed

If a crushing blow procs bleed, do bleed damage = crushing blow damage ? Same question for fire/poison dot

Bleed and dot do big damage in pvp which CB doesn’t.

CB does trillions damage in pve which bleed and dot don’t.

So depends on what your aim is.
I just don’t think they are good combo.

as far as I know, CB doesn’t cause Bleed. it only takes 25% of enemies current damage. it shouldn’t affect anything else, and is only affected by Crushing Flames Set.

Bleed, Fire, and Poison DoT’s all have a chance to cause CB if you have CB on your Build.

so CB can’t cause bleed ?

as far as I know. CB doesn’t cause Critical hits either for the same reason, it would be OP damage on higher floors. of course, as enemy HP goes down, the Critical or Bleed damage would go down also.

although not mentioned, there is an old post from a Dev that said CB is a damage affix that works differently than other damage affixes. it was referring to critical hits, I think, and it has been posted many times that CB is only affected by Crushing Flames, so I would guess that CB only affects Crushing Flames Set in return.

you could try to test it, see if you get billions/quadrillions of Bleed damage from CB when the test build can only do a few thousand damage normally.

CB dont cz bleed