Celestial affix

What is the cap for Celestial affix? I mean if you had 100% celestial on 6 items, would any of them be excessive/a waste?

Let’s chop this down to Elem Crit damage% as these are the same stats, with Calcite as their bridge.

So far I have 3 of these equipped and still not capped. I will dig my stash if I can find another item with elemcrit Damage to test

Edit: here you go. Five Elem crit damage% stacked. I can safely conclude that it can go as high as you want, eternals included.

  1. read patch notes. shinyboxgames.com/blog/2015/04/p … available/
  2. affix caps are shown in the stats page on the overall tab.

The cap is 800 since that is the highest amount you can get with talents and affixes.

Was doing some testing as well…

Seems elemental critical only applies to the specific elements critical proc. If you have different elements each with critical (toxic/freeze/orbit/…) the crit amount only applies to it element. Also i believe the elemental critical dmg (celestial/frostbiting/…) only applies to the elements crit proc (spinning orb/poison cloud/…) And not your general attacks.

As for the cap, I believe you may get higher than 800% Clogon, using Eternal items.

There is no cap, and yes, you can indeed climb WELL beyond 800%.

That is correct.

Although if you have other sources to activate the elem crit damage’s conditions (specifically talking about high voltage, as stun is more accessible than others) it will also activate.

I totally forgot about the Eternals. XD