Chakram build

Okay sir .i want to try ur openion

Ballista isn’t really useful on chakram, I don’t think. It’s based on distance, and they shoot out like 2cm. Lol.

Also, I think an update is in order, @Quartermaster.

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There is something wrong in my posted picture sir ?

I think you have an old patch. HP% Crystal affix caps at 75% now, Elemental Crit caps at 30%, and Dodge Crystal affix caps at 30%, as well. Otherwise, fairly good build. :smile:


Yeah its old version .but i try to create in new version .thats why i posted in this furom .maybe you can help me . if you have rouge or warrior build. Please share :pensive:

Hey, you can look at these for inspiration, man: DQ Builds Compendium [2.1]
And, from what I’ve seen, @Kcellvirus and I are the only people with love for the chakram, so ask away. :smiley:


if u want update the game then u will need crit damage crystal affix. rage+crit chance+plagued not work on 2.0 patch. and u will need proper healing effect +2% leech from MS cant cover ur hp usage on 2.0 patch. also MS attack speed, i dont think chakram need attack speed since u can only shot twice and wait for it to return before u can use again. attack speed work with chakram but not a good choice IMO. i think it will be much better for u to update the game and try it first. also read patch note. it will help u understand thing better.

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its bcoz chacram for me is OP :smiley: haha yeah ballista optional, (its ballista and v.touch)

That build of darelleyesa still working sir ?

Yes it does, i do farm at 500+ M3 (present)

But i havent updated that guide yet.

You can copy that, but its better if you used that as a guide only, to better suite your gameplay

It is okay if i cant put poison damage on hatchet ?

of course, but you have a lesser elemental damage. (less damage)

I really dont know how to put poison damage on ruptured armor . blight for empyrean amulet .blight for eternal weap sir :pensive:

I want to change poison damage of the armor sir .any suggestion what legend affix to change sir

And i also want to change blight legend affix sir bcoz i dont know how to put blight legend affix to amulet

Blight is basically (elemcritdamg) and can be obtained with ruby crystals

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If the new patch release soon if i update in playstore the 2.1 my char in 2.0 will be gone or not ?

And the poison damage? It can also obtained in ruby crystal ? like blight (elemcritdmg)_