Chakram/Crit Build

I’ve been trying to make this chakram build for a while but really don’t have a clue how. I’m trying to make a build with massive single shot damage. Here’s my build so far:

I’m able to get 20m crits fairly frequently at the moment but still not what I was looking for.
Any suggestions?

First thing is to max out the IQ on your weapons. That will bump up the BWD. If your trying to get dmg through the Chakram then get rid of the Weapon DMG % on your Bomb and replace it with ED%. Also remove Arc Dodge since that won’t help your one shot build. Try and get as many Crystal Crit DMG+ and Epic Deadly Strike % as you can, get to the cap. Of course max out your Dodge% as well. I’d also reroll the natures of your items to either all Strength (to increase Crit DMG to cap) or all Elements (to add more ED% to your DPS). That is about all I can tell you.

Thanks for advice. Currently hitting upwards of 70million on deadly strike

Try to get +5000 weapon damage on mainhand, that adds quite a lot of damage