ChakTorRap Build

Hi good day i just wanna share my build i called it ChakTorRap
Chak(Chakram)Tor(Reactor)Rap(Raptured) i am at floor 1890 M3 atm got tired climbing up this build is pretty useful.
Your main dps here will be spamming orb w/ living force+reactor+raptured
stealthlvl 30 will be your main survival skill here
(screenshots are below the details)

Pet : affix (forgot to screenshot)
+5 meteor
+25% mp
+7000k hp
+5000 ice dmg

Set affix:
Defiant = 25% dmg inc
Living force = 250% dmg on return of orb
Reactor = orb will be your main dps
Rage = for max Critdmg
Pathfinder = great dmg boost base on dodge%
Adventurer = great dmg and ms boost upon picking up gold
Momentum (on my pet) = great dmg boost from ms compliments adventurer

Legend affix
100%WD x1 (for inc orb base dmg)
15%movespeed x 3 (a must for greater dmg boost from momentum affix)
ElemCritDmg x 2 (pretty enought for me)
ElemCrit x1 (30% is enough already for me)
Push to the limit x1
100%ED x2
Glasscannon x2
ignore resist - a must in any build

Epic Affix
400mp on hit
5000ED x1 (from pet)

Crystal Affix
30% deadly strike
30% dodge
30% crushing blow

Mythic set:
Cosmic Orb (MH wep)
Raptured chest = good dmg boost combined with razored talent

Razored = a must on this build in order for raptured chest to work (change the deadly talent from amulet to razored)

Hero skill = lvl 30 stealth for survival lvl 20 evasion and the rest u can put anywhere you want

Unbuffed by shrine

its really fun just stealth then spam orb pretty usefull if you want to add more dmg get wizard hireling with max timewarp lvl and cosmic power set affix.

you can also remove some legend affix based on what you prefer like add more elemcritdmg or 1 more elemcrit or add explosive pretty usefull too


I won’t be able to get that yet cus I restarted and have forgot or don’t know a lot but this build looks nice.Of course,it clearly is nice otherwise it wouldn’t be shared here.
Hope people can find use for it!

its so hard to start from scratch again … but remember patients is a virtue … just keep playing and farm haha . goodluck bro

It’s not that hard to start from Scratch for DQ for some reason but yw!