Challenge Bug? or working as intended?

My warrior had every single challenge bonus pre-patch 1.3. After patch 1.3 when my warrior is playing on level 200, there would be challenge notifications popping up when I kill some magic and rare monsters but the number is always zero: it will always say => 0/4 rare monsters kill! | 0/20 magic monsters kill | 0/xxxxxx gold collected! | 0/2 epic items found!. Occasionally the number will increase by 1 or 2. I checked my challenge stat page and see nothing was added to it.

So I’m just wondering if those challenge notification are some kind of bug. If they are not, what do they mean and where can I check my progress?

That’s a bug, the notifications shouldn’t be showing past floor 100, so when they do they look blank.

There’s actually a post about this right below mine, don’t know why I didn’t see it when I made this. Thanks for the quick response though.

Cool, please let us know if you run into any more issues!