Challenge for Rogue Users


Lets make a race for the highest dmg on Kachan’s AI :muscle::wink:
The one with the highest dmg on him will be the strongest rogue on arena😅
This is just a friendly challenge for us to improve more like setting a goal.:grin:
Kachan’s AI is on Eternal League div1 or 2.
Who wants to get the title?:sunglasses:
Go reply your battle logs with him.:grin:
Let’s start with mine.

97.3k is the highest dmg on him right now. Break my record.:wink::muscle:


That is nice DMG though. :+1:


This was just obviosly made by luck :joy: . Msure anyone can do it. :wink::muscle:


Awesome. :muscle::muscle::boom::boom:


Thats kachan’s ai. Is kinda speed with hard hdr. But i think i can easely kill it with my barrage… my rouge is on campaign mode so i cant release it at this time. Sorry bro. But thats cool! Im up to that!
:fire:"Lets make this league on fire":fire:


Lol :grinning: nice one


Btw. The face on the upper right side. He look handsome​:rofl::rofl::rofl: