Challenge map again

Hi guys I’m soo lost, after the third round, I can’t find a map to proceed, I could find for the 1st n 2nd after that, I can’t proceed even though I can find the dot in my map, does this mean the challenge is over? Help

If you are playing with a hireling character make sure to check their inventory for a challenge map as well (they should not be able to pick it up…but ya never know).

Also, you can always buy a challenge map from the in game store using gold. This way you can always have a back up of the most recent floor you completed.

On top of that if you ever find yourself in the position where you lost on a challenge map and didn’t buy a back up at the current floor you are on you can always “convert” a map to a higher floor value.


  1. Buy any challenge floor Map
  2. In inventory screen press on your map notice the convert option in the bottom right corner of inventory screen
  3. Pay gold to convert the map to a higher floor value
  4. Only challenge floors you have played on can be “converted”. So if you lost on floor 254 and buy a challenge map that is Floor 94, you can convert it until it reaches 254. You cannot go higher than the number of floor you have achieved.
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I’m getting familiar now, thanks again hoping to reach ur level to teach others like u do to me, good night will buy a map now