Challenge map farming l

Hey guys so Ive reached like lvl 300 on m1 in challenge map. If I wanna do m3 or go to an easier difficulty do I have to start back at 200 and work my way up ?

Nope. You can continue

Just go to map 200 (M3) , find a cartographer, get the map, and convert to max!

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Lol ! I had no idea you could do that XD THANKS !

What difficulty best to fast farm for higher crystals ?

M3, but you need to have
A Good build, on high map just Rush santuary,60% Block our higher,60% dodge our (+), and you Will farm on higher maps whid no problem, just farm on map 500 to 700, avoid packsized map’s if you Phone our tablet isint Very god, i have a blackberry z30 just for play dq, whid snapdragon s4 pros,2ram, and still get problems whid mob’s on packsized map on 2k+!

Or if you do use packsize, a number below 100% for lower end phones or something you feel comfortable with. It’s still more enemies but honestly, farming lots of enemies isn’t the best goal at higher floors (although the crystals do help). Floor 200 farming and you have a lot more enemies overall in packsize than above.

Even I still lag at packsize and I use the S6 (a very good phone not that much different from S7 or S8 except CPU architecture, GPU model , lower battery. Also I ended up disabling DVFS with root and using 720p more for DQ to have a smoother experience and even potentially lower settings. It’s very fast even in today’s standards (although without root , it is no longer supported by updates and slows down with the amount of apps not disabled or uninstalled).

My s6 handles game decently, but i prefer my shield.

Same. But even I can stress my phone to lag if I wanted to.