Challenge map questions

Hello guys, I’ve had a few questions and can’t find anything to help.

Is it best to do epic maps? Add afixes just to make it an epic?
Is it best to do higher quality maps? Does quality effect drops?
In general what’s the type map you get excited to see and what should I look for if I puchase lets say 5 maps, and just want to do one.

Sorry but i cant clear yours . Can we MAKE an Epic map by add more affix ???

The things that higher quality maps do is buff what you get from the chest after the cartographer but ijn general I’m always excited too see +pack size% because it makes it so there are more enemy’s

Well if that excites you then this will really get you going haha. You can use Larimer crystal to change the afixes in a map. Just keep going till you get map pack size and magic/rare enemy percent with no skyfall or tnt. Then diamond the same map till you get high percents you like.

I forget the cryastal but the one that adds random afixes works on maps.

Yes I know and it is awesome :smile: }:3c

Oh I just be lazy by larimar rolling until i get packsize with no tnt/skyfall and not focus on magic/ rare enemies much. They are just a good bonus but i conserve my larimars atm. Nadroji bonus does make up for this though :slight_smile:

personally I enjoy maps with +epic enemies coz it makes ascension easier especially with the hunter perk