Challenge question

I was kind of rushing the game. Now i am in gold difficulty. Then today, I read about challenges, that need to be completed within one act of one difficulty level.

I have several questions regarding this issue

  1. If i complete for example “kill 400 enemies” and get +1% damage in each act. Do i have +10% damage when i am in gold difficulty act3? And is it permament?
  2. Can i go back to previous acts to get challenge for them and is it worth it?

If it appears that i missed a lots of free buffs, i am ready to restart all my characters, because i dont want to have such flawed heroes.
Please give clarifications


Ofcourse you can go back to previous levels to complete challenges. Im pretty sure we all had to do that :smile:
And Yes the bonuses do stack and are permanent.
Once you’ve done the challenges you can see that on your stats screen.

Hope i could help :smile:


In the latest patch your challenge progress now spreads across ALL of your characters (as does gold).

i am not sure about it Daniel
I bought additional slot but it seems my wizard has different achievements

it would be awesome and broken if you started with bonuses with fresh character, without the need of grinding it in low levels where no good item drops

Just to make sure, are you on the latest Patch 1.3? You would see an account button at the front screen.