Changes concerning enchanting in 2.1

What are the changes you will make to the enchanting system in 2.1, if there are any? I want to make a new set, but would like to know about those changes so I can decide wether I will make the set before or after the new patch or before.

Will there be possibilities to change item types (change a bow to a dagger, change a bomb to a mirror etc.)

Will it be possible to use crystals like sapphire or fluorite on legendary or even crystal affixes?

i just hope dev make 1 set affix to mimic rogue. like wizard spellsword. warrior battlemage. maybe rogue ShadowHunter. lol and maybe item to secure remove mythic skill. lol

Yeah… The problem I see is that i literally cant use any other offhand than bomb. It just feels so slow having to walk and with bomb I can dodge stuff in pvp, I can get around the map fast in PvM and it just feels so useful. Bit there is no bomb that has the legendary + elem% affix and I dont think there’s any good item out there that can be converted with jasper either.

And the same with mainhand weapons. Want a dagger with legendary +dmg% affix? Nope, gotta use the bow…

u can use wizard ragnarok sword or warrior ragnarok hammer. it have Legend affix +WD%. u can convert that item to rogue it will become dagger and it will have legend affix +WD%. also the set is powerful too. DEFIANT.! lol u really need farm more to get those

Will it be as strong as eternal obsidian dagger though ? :grin:

I wonder~. lol jk. want me craft thing much more stronger.? haha

We should stop giving @cronos4321 ideas for OP builds. I don’t want to face an unkillable monster in the Arena, just right when I came back on the boards. Lol.


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its killable lol. but sooo true. “monster”. there still alot monster out there. i dont see clogon and dieter around here, maybe they busy testing thing for 2.1…

Well that’s true, haven’t seen most of the usual top players online as well. Lol, dude they’re prolly gonna balance your LOHKO build next patch, hopefully it’s not nerfed too much.


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Thing will happen, go on. craft new build lol… ive been farming alot lately. crafting will be no problem later on. lol.

I’ve been farming too, I got a few nadroji stuffs and ragnaroks, but still no freakin Vaccus Bow and Insolence. The RNG God of Bows hates me bro.


legend bow alone is rare to drop. vacuus scorpio is like hunting Arba. u found it… “TELEPORT” lol. lost.

Lol that’s so true, wonder what my power would be with a Vaccuus Bow, lol. Oh well, gotta get that bow before the patch. :confused:


This will happen in 2.1

Not planned. There are a few Crystal changes coming, but they will mostly affect the lower CS. This patch will mostly focus on other aspects of PvE like item progression improvements, long term goals, and improving/expanding Legends/Eternals.

Patch notes will be posted once we start testing :smile:

happen just like what i want. new build coming. WizRogue lol. thanks.

Can we get a “Get a Friggin Vaccuus Scipio Bow Feat”? Lol just kidding. Btw, just curious @SteigerBox , is it possible to get fan arts featured in the game? Lol, I’m gonna draw my rendition of the three classes when I get some free time. I’m pretty sure the answer is no, but no harm in asking right? :wink:

@cronos4321 Oh God. Cronos’ eyes are glowing red again. :neutral_face:


I don’t think we can do fan art as an asset in the game, but we could definitely do something like link the art to all our social outlets ( twitter/facebook/reddit/forums/etc ).

We’d love to see any fan art, even if it’s just a few steps beyond stick figures :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s still awesome, I actually planned to make like, DQed Versions of the staffs and/or the top players likeness, but I have no idea how anyone here looks like. Even the picture I’m using isn’t me, surprise surprise, it’s my bestfriend. Lol. Well anyway, I’m gonna draw something when I’m not too busy. Trying to find a job atm, landing a job in Dubai is hard, specially for my nationality. :unamused:


Yes, I only know about bows as that is the only weapon I’ve used up till now on the new patches (>1.6 or so). My point is that I feel limited by the affixes that are on other weapons that CANNOT be converted into the weapon I would like with Jasper.

[quote=“SteigerBox, post:17, topic:3972”]
I don’t think we can do fan art as an asset in the game
[/quote] hrmm… not even as loading screen pages? would’ve been nice to see something different besides the landscape scenery of current act being played :stuck_out_tongue: