Changing mythic into another mythic

Can i change my bloodmagic amulet mythic into a mthyical mythic amulet? i can just put 4 empty sockets and then put the 4 mystones needed and i can change the loodmagic into mythical right?

Yes you can, but to be able to do that, you need to delete all affixes using Quartz.

Putting 4 empty socket & 4 mythstone on an item that already has mythic skill would be useless. Nothing will change and the mythstone remain there.

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every single affix or just the mythic affix?

Just create a new item. You cant delete a mythic affix without using Quartz. Quartz starts to removes affixes from the bottom.

To clarify, Quartz removes a random number of affixes starting at the bottom. Since the mythic affixes are at the top, you’d have to completely wipe the item.

The only reason I can see to do this is if you want to save Emeralds by using an item you’ve already bumped up to +25% quality.

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Actually i want the mythic item called mythical, only just recently i found a plagued amulet and made it bloodmagic then found out that to increase the mythic item bombard and nova i have. i need the mythical item which only amulets can be crafted on. but i guess i need to leave that mythic unless i find another plageud amulet. Thanks anyway guys