Character loss

Hello! I started playing this game yesterday and its quite addictive! But after playing so many hours, my character wasnt saved. i tried everything started again many times but the continue button wasn’t there. It doesn’t even save the music settings (off). I tried moving it from the sd card to the phone but didn’t make a difference. I have a HTC wildfire s. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hey there Zady…that is a pretty nasty bug.

Can I ask you a few questions? We don’t have a HTC wildfire here at SBHQ so it can be tough for us to nail down tough bugs like this.

  1. What version of android is on that phone?
  2. Can you try uninstalling the game and the re-installing it to see if the issue is still present?
  3. Can you try to reboot your phone and see if the issue persists?
  4. Have you every had an issue like this before?
  5. Was this downloaded through the google marketplace?

Thanks for your help Zady, hopefully we can get this resolved!

I downloaded it from Google market, rebooting didn’t help, never had the same problem before but problem was resolved by reinstalling the app! CheerS