Character missing :(

hey guys!

i just logged on to the game, the version is up to date, but my char is gone. nothing on the device or server thingy…

Dowload your characters saved on the dq server (if you hve saved them on it)

He said that they arent on the server so i guess he allready tried it

I can help you get you back to where your chars were (even if they are not the same ones). Email (I am helping another user in the same way)

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if its the guy on the facebook page im the same one. sry. was kinda mad not having my char, so i posted same thing in 2 different places. do i still send the email? you didnt mention it before. you just said i should upload some char and then you would go in.

Yup…of you already unaided it all (the two lelevel 93 chars) I will take care of the rest

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sry i didnt understand what you said. im not from an English speaking country… anyway i dont have 2 lvl 93 chars… i had a lvl 60 one only.

Ok. I am helping another user with the same issue
Could you send me the email address you used to create your dq account? Email it to, thanks

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ok, email sent.

What class of char was level 60? Wizard or warrior?

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Ok…I unlocked another slot for you. Boosted a new warrior to 60 and gave you some gold to build weapons with. Sorry for the delay!!

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thanks a lot for all your help. i just noticed i never saved my char onto your servers… ah well… wont be happening again :smile:

keep up the excellent work. wonderful game.