Character Movement When Attacking

I’m a complete noob, so not sure if this is correct to post here. My (warrior) character has started to rush off every time I use Taunt, Bash, Fear etc. Originally he would stand still in the protected zone, then started to rush away and hit the walls etc. This stopped and now has started again. He is at level 65 right now and Dungeon level 90. How can I stop him rushing away from the enemy every time I hit something? Any help appreciated (killing bosses has become really hard since I cannot control his movement).

By chance, have you equipped an item with “Fanaticism” talent on it?

or maybe the mob “feared” you but most likely fanaticism is the culprit

I agree with f00kee
I was hit by an epic mob and the toon ran off banging her head all over the walls.

Spot on, Guys. Thanks SteigerBox - I did indeed have an Epic Helm with Fanaticism 16 associated. Tested by changing helms and it worked. I guess now, if I want to use that helm for a while I must try and swap fanaticism for some thing else :smile:

Thank you all for your very prompt help. Another happy Noob.