Characters missing

I uninstalled the DQ application then I re install again to CONFIRM that I can play in any device …now when I logged on my two slots has been gone and my main remain.But it’s turning the lvl back to 43 which is I already have to max …I want my characters and items gold Back.please

U need to upload ur old account to dq cloud before uninstalling dq and download ur account from dq cloud again after reinstalling in order to retrieve ur previous data

Do you mean my effort is useless? Since I forgot to upload my dq account?

Hey! please email support they should be able to help you get your stuff back :smile:

Thanks sir …I’m lonely now

I’m sad cos no DQ

:cry: yeah I bet you should be able to get everything back in the morning though :smile:

Oh God you’re amazing …finally I found this game thanks again

HEHEHE you flatter me thank you :green_heart: :smile: sorry that you lost your stuff remember to back up often in the future! :smile:

yeah…so bad for me that i do not know the processing ^^ next time i upload first before unistall :sweat_smile:

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before you sleep dont forget to upload your acc.

Sir Griffin not yet done ? I want to play now

Did you email support? they are quite quick with fixing stuff but you need to email them :smile:

I did it twice but my accounts still the same

Have they responded to you? they may be busy currently if they are you’ll have to wait a bit longer unfortunately

I’m using my mobile right now …maybe tonight I can open my email on desktop

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Ok well you will need to talk with them through emails in order to get your stuff back :smile:

Done I’m waiting now …Do you know how long that it takes ?