Cheater or Not?

This one wants to be awsome :joy:
@tdaniel and @Refia

cheat theres no way you can loot pet with EAC

I defeat him but the O.P thing is his pet and his Mythic Set Affix. He use Alchemy, Equivalence and BloodMagic all in one. He got 236K HP and 650 Power

those 3 resource mythic wont work together , only 1 will work and thats bloodmagic

Sorry Iโ€™m a bit noobish but could someone explain this to me

Only one resource system will take effect at a time. For example you already have BloodMagic Myhticโ€ฆ You can still put Equivalence or Fury or Energy or Alchemy Mythic on your Set, BUT only BloodMagic will take effect it means you will waste your set for putting all the Mythics Resource System