Is there no cheat protection?

I recently faced someone who had just 2 chars, a level 72 and a similar character. One of them had only crystal gear fully crafted… (The arena one)

Is that not cheated, how possible at that level? Or did he buy a bunch off Crystall buffs from the shop, hmm

I bought all the stuff and all slots, but I won’t befriend with temporary buffs where I have to be active every second to make it worth… I like afk/browse pc or wait for my pet too…

Or it just ascended recently

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@Petapan this is not cheating when I was level 80 I had about 10 obsidians

No potrait

I only found two now after several asvensions. Not to speak that you need plenty for a full gear.

other than cheating, he could have spent Dust until he got an item with a Crystal affix. converted unnecessary Legend & Eternal Items to Crystals, or converted lower Crystals to higher Crystals until he had enough Obsidian to make his items, bought them from the Shop. that player could also have gotten a Perk or two before getting these Characters into the Arena.

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Or just bought the highest gold purchases. It lasts ages… Months even if your smart.

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