Cheating leaderboards in PvE

I mean look at the leaderboards for campaign its no way in jesus name that u can get that much high and that most in a i guess hacking the quest mode exclude u from pvp

Dont just complain something in game give us A Screenshot soo we can understand the Situation
This is not a Effective way Kiddo… and be clear…

This damage can be done

u can go to 1m floor but + billion my god impossible

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if i was a admin in game Byebye Cheaterss hahaha

I guess its a challenge since they can do whatever and get whatever they want because its there game

in every game theres a cheater no surprice tho

PvE is watched much less closely then PvP because inherently it is not a competitive game mode but it does get cleaned out every once in a while the last time was fairly recent too :smile:

side note: I edited your title because it was somewhat miss leading and didn’t encourage good discussion should be better now :+1: :smile:

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and legit can beat the cheaters so no problem at all

I love u griffin

That’s because I’m the best twin pistol fingers and a wink

He’s mine, bud.


Nope his mine muhahahahaha cogh

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Bromance alert. Hahaha.

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