Chests only give bad objects PVP

you do a lot of fighting for?
if they do not give items like chests mutany, Vacus, nadroji, etc.
it costs an awful trasfomarlos in red and green, and only applies to the glasses, everything else is garbage

you do lot faighting for?

Testing build.

100 red chests open has not given me any good
only eternal cups
if someone has thrown something good to say it
sorry bad English

if u want some rare item. u need to farm lol. arena is where u see how strong ur build is.

Rare legendaries (like Nadroji) doesnt drop from chests.

Yeah, we understand what you feel bro, I am for making rare legends available on chests, maybe really really low chances? (1%? lower?). Though I do admit, for me, being high in the League is in itself, is the reward. But, why not, right? You should try posting this on the Feature Suggestions page.


pvp would be more interesting if playing good in the coffers,
if it is not very monotonous and boring
I have more than 11,000 points and chests no longer open for drinks that I have for my characters

then interest are the coffers?

11,000 Points in Eternal? That’s quite a lot. What’s your ID?


I’m in the top 5 overall eternal

he said ID… lol

Rank Eternal 4

and bored a little PVP, it is always the same and if the coffers give nothing good will lose interest

ahhh i see.


Off Topic. can your rogue kill Aphrodite.?

we have faced a lot of round 10
if you won, I’ve won
this is your id? I can hardly win

that toon name. my id: Cronoc_Rage

btw next time if u play and encounter with Aphrodite, mind screenshot overall info…? need those to estimate needed and not needed affix tho

Are you using Aphro atm and not Frustrating? I’ve fought them in 2v2, never won, I need a better 2v2 build. Lol.


cronoc rage right now we just deal

I have here the battle but not like sticking catches

in 2v2. Aphrodite and Zeusrage i think. in 1v1. currently its Aphrodite. frustating need major rework. lol