Chests only give bad objects PVP

Frustrating is actually really good against Guidedshot spam, can barely kill it, the only problem I think is against LOHKO lol.


huhh.? not understand lol. if u mean u dont have screenshot right now. its okay. u can do it later on lol

ik. i already test it against asa rogue. his guidedshot barely deal 30 damage lol

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thanks. ik what affix i need on head piece now.

Lol. Wish I could win 3-0 to Aphrodite. :confused:


i wish that will happen. it will motivate me to build something lot stronger. absolute zero counter chance lol.

get tankier, so you could survive the initial blinkstrike and dot :grin:

you’re lucky got those eternal cups, took me forever to even got one :disappointed_relieved:

Well I’m a LOHKO main, I simply can’t get tankier. Lol.
Thanks tho.


that the exchange to get Godlike damage. lol.