Choose between this pet before sync all my device

which one do you think the best to keep and which build suit it the most?
i can only keep one of it, if you know what i mean.

Is it for pve or pvp?

As far as i know plagued can be in pvp also that satyr’s spirit is sick! Druidic can be a very OP pve build

YUP! Second that. All those pets are OP.

i do care about the set affix,
but i think eternal pet are used more for its double value on epic affix, so i was wondering which one should i keep that can be used to make some decent build, either pvp or pve.

or at least i hope i can learn how to value an affix differently between pve and pvp :joy:

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All of them must be keep.

Plagued - good for Immortal Build
Druidic - good for Dual Element Rogue Hiking Build
Satyr’s is for PvP.

For me I want the Druidic all of the Affixes are suit for my Build… I also use the exact Affixes on my Druidic Pet mine just Legend only.

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Satyrs spirit also a must for immortal build lmao. You can’t make immortals or rather true immortals without Satyrs spirit.

I mean unless you count an immortal build with never dying mana shields or something which used to exist and potentially can still exist.

I already have an idea for a never dying mana shield build in round one but dies in other rounds or so.

if it was possible i wont be confused like this :joy:

immortal build and pvp was interesting,
but i don’t think i have enough resources to make great pvp gear, and as far as i read immortal build just a matter how long you can make your opponent draw the match before they get buffed enough to eventually killed it.
so I’m more curious about your hiking dual element hiking build. as i can continue playing at higher floor and gather more resources for pvp.

by the affix it will be fire poison with crushing flames i guess.
but can dual element really works? how you distribute the damage affix and maximize both weapon and element damage?
and why should it be rogue?

Yes. Dual element does work. For example fire and shock . Anything with shock really. Also arcane debuff with arcanist or Ascendant combined.

Fire and shock means shock attacks the enemy, which means they get the stack debuff and if paralyzed, the High Voltage 100% or higher effect.

Then if fire attacks, the fire attack gets buffed by the stack debuff. 50% increased damage if the stack debuff is 4 shock attacks and 100% increased damage due to high voltage. Though high voltage could work with any form of stun.

This makes the bleed much more powerful from Blistering + vampiric touch as well as the fire damage and Immolate altogether. Combined with 100%+ immolation DMG and a great recipe.

Although since crushing flames there, idk honestly. Also it sets the enemies up for electrocution set when they below 25% HP because the fire attack will be effected by stack debuff and the electrocution set.

I suggest you check out my charged inferno build. It’s old but it can be easily revived. Just add crushing flames and possibly electrocution set to be good to go. Also arcanist if you have weaken and hirling Ascendant or main character ascendant debuff.

Ice and shock is extremely powerful as well as I’ve come to find out. Stack debuff on enemies and if it’s 4×, it’s 50% increased damage. The ice attack gets buffed by 50% and Frostbiting kicks in. Also high voltage if you have high voltage equipped.

Then when frozen explosion happens, the frozen gets buffed by stack debuff constantly, possibly high voltage , High 90% or 190% weaken, potential ascendant debuff from wrath or iceburn, Demonic, Electrocution Set if equipped and if rogue, Relentless talent. Also Frostbiting kicks in every time and crits and even potentially deadly strikes.

Weaken + Ascendant frozen build means the Frozen gets buffed by the weaken if it happens alot and the ascendant debuff . Ascendant debuff is the arcane debuff and it also allows arcanist to kick in.

This principle can also happen with ice+ fire. Freeze enemies first with high Frostbiting like 300% or so , even 100%. Then you attack with fire and allow them to die by the buffed fire attack which gets buffed by Frostbiting , has Immolate and blistering along with Immolation DMG. Add demonic in there and weaken and watch the s frozen explosions come with ease. That is best effective with Crushing Flames which is why there are brutal crushing flames frozen builds.
Combined with deadly strikes too.

Alsk if you’re a poison builder , poison can be affected by stack debuff and potentially high voltage which in turn makes the blight +plagued+ poison cloud combo deadly. If druidic set affix applied too . Poison+ ice is another powerful combo too.

Shock builder can have buffed attacks with other elements too. Arcane as well.

There are so many combinations and some are very difficult to pull off . You can have dual elements, triple elements or even all element builds and still do well. I remember when ascendant builds were not happening or very rare since it would be hard to pull it off but dual element builds were always possible. They were just a part of building that has been unexplored by many people until they did.

I’m drawn to the imp :imp:

I use Ice Fire and Poison Ice. Really really One Shot One Boom

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Lol cool.

You should keep it all lmao those are really rare pets to have. All the affixes of those pets are for pve and pve as they have ed+, crit damage, mp+, hp+ and resist.

Pve affixes:

  • 5000ed+(10000+ ed if eternal)
  • crit damage
  • attack speed
  • 7500 hp ( 15000 hp if eternal)
  • 7500 mp ( 15000 mp if eternal)
  • weaken
  • crushing blow
  • elemental damage %
  • mp regen
  • total mp %

Pvp affixes:

  • 5000ed+(10000+ ed if eternal)
  • crit damage ( in good amount )
  • 7500 hp ( 15000 hp if eternal)
  • 7500 mp ( 15000 mp if eternal)
  • resist

Crushing blow and weaken are not worth it in the arena.

Also bleed damage is good in arena and pve depending on ur build :slight_smile:

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