Can clearcast roll via obsidian? And what is the max cap affix of clearcast?

I think you cant get it via obisidian.

No clearcast cannot be rolled

OK thanks ! But what’s the max affix cap for single gear for clearcast?

Clearcast (Ruby affix) on a single piece of gear can be as high as 12.5% according to the Wiki page, I don’t know if that’s up to date though. I thought I saw higher(?)

Clarity Mythstone can also add 10% Clearcast to give you 22.5 total on a single piece of gear. Clearcast altogether is capped at 60%. Also Clearcast does not stack vertically with other similar affixes like Specialist and Elements. They’re separate mechanics, so if you have 10% clearcast + Elements (3) (22.5% chance to cast for free 1 second later) you would not get a 32.5% free cast chance, they would stay separate procs with the possibility of getting 2x free casts in a row on occasion. :smile:

Cant roll that affix.


Sorry thought that was implied :smile: it can only be found pre-attached to a designated item, which is one of the main foundations of a build - using items with non-rollable affixes as starting blocks, e.g. Insolence/Mutiny/Ragnarok for Defiant, Cognition/Clairvoyance for Cerebral Vortex and/or Push the Limit, etc.

To see what’s rollable and not: :slight_smile:

I saw and it , clearcast is rollable in that list k


It’s incorrect sorry a few are wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: okay sir ived change my mind using it that haunting bonus take lots of slots to activate :unamused:

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cap 25%